Shungite Infused Soaps are HERE!

Posted by on 11/17/2017
Shungite Infused Soaps are HERE!

Being long time collectors and studying the powerful effects of crystals we came across the Shungite Stone and its amazing ability to purify and energize water!

This gemstone was formed about 2 billion years ago.  Its comprised of nearly all the elements of the Periodic Table. Though it is commonly known that not all chemical elements are beneficial to life forms, a surprising feature of this gemstone is that only its health-giving components are absorbed by water which makes Shungite a great filter media to clean and naturally purify water.

Silver Noble Shungite can be used as a natural filter to purify and energize your water. This natural water purifier can scrub almost of all organic compounds, metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms. A good example of water purification by Shungite is the water from lake Onega in Russia. Since this lake has been in contact with shungite for thousands of years, its water  can be used for drinking without any water filtering.

When placed in water, the fullerenes in shungite attract and neutralize waterborne contaminants. Shungite will remove: bacteria (and other microbes), nitrates, heavy metals,  pesticides, volatile organics, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, and fluoride (however, as with other forms of carbon filtration,  it is not recommended for the removal of fluoride because it becomes burdened so rapidly).

Water  infused with Shungite has overall energizing and rejuvenating effects on the body. It cleans the face, smooths wrinkles, eliminates irritation, itching and rashes.  Skin becomes naturally elastic and hydrated. Shungite water also strengthens the hair and provides it a healthy shine.

Using this Shungite infused water to create all of our products assures us that we are projecting the maximum amount of love and energy into our products and hope that you feel them on your end!

Have a Peace Love happy kind of day!